Monday, September 8, 2008

Au Revoir!

Image via Flickr

I’ve got some sad news folks. I recently started a new job that leaves me with very little time for extracurricular activities. After much thought and consideration I have decided to stop blogging for the time being. I think I’ll still keep the blog online because I can’t quite get myself to erase it and perhaps I’ll return to blogging if my job responsibilities calm down. I had an amazing experience blogging and I really appreciate the time that everyone took to write comments. To my fellow bloggers - thanks so much for the constant inspiration. Keep rockin!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I've decided to officially go on summer hiatus. I still might post things occasionally but won't be posting daily as I have done so in the past. It's time to relax and have fun in the sun. I should be back in a couple of months but maybe sooner. Hope you all have a great summer!

Friday, May 23, 2008

At Home With Samantha Pynn

I received my latest issue of Style at Home (my favorite Canadian design magazine) and I fell in love with the home of design editor Samantha Pynn. I was all ready to post pictures of her home, but fabulous blogger All Things Bright & Beautiful beat me to the punch. She did a FABULOUS post on Mrs. Pynn's home and apparently it was something that one of my favorite bloggers - Emily of Design Smack, was going to post before she ended her blog. I miss Design Smack so much!!! You should definitely check out the rest of the pictures on All Things Bright and Beautiful. You won't be disappointed!!!!

I particularly love the bench featuring Alan Campbell's blue zig zag fabric. I actually saw these benches on sale at Restoration Hardware (looking MUCH different) a while back and thought of reupholstering them. I didn't buy them and now I am kicking myself for it. That bench is so damn chic! Here is a before picture of the bench from Restoration Hardware. It is called the Hudson Leather Piano Bench and it is available for $349. I wish it was still on sale :(

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Palazzo Tornabuoni

One of the most beautiful places I have ever had the opportunity to visit is Florence, Italy. I didn't think any place could be more spectacular than the south of France, but Florence just blew me away. The art, the food, the culture.....the place is magical! I recently came across pictures of the recently restored Palazzo Tornabuoni, which is a fifteenth century palace in Florence that was once the Medici family residence, and I felt heartsick for Italy all over again. Doesn't this place look spectacular?

Images from Palazzo Tornabuoni.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eat Shop Phoenix

Because I am originally from Arizona, I often have friends ask me where to eat and shop when they go for a visit. Over the years I have kept a list of my favorite places that I edit and add to regularly. I usually tell my friends about places that I love that I know they can't find anywhere else. For example, you would never catch me recommending PF Changs on a visit to Phoenix. I mean, I love PF Changs but you can get their lettuce wraps in virtually any city in the US. Plus, I tend to prefer more independent places anyways.

So today I was in a bookstore and found a travel guide called Eat, Shop, Phoenix. It looked pretty cool and so I flipped through the pages and then I immediately sat down and read the entire thing. Basically, it is as if the editors of the book went inside my brain and my computer and made a list of all the coolest places in Phoenix, except it is so much better than my list because there is amazing photography and tons of great recommendations on what to order or buy. There were even some restaurants I had never heard of but look absolutely amazing. Even though I am from Arizona, I still bought the book. I highly recommend it to anyone planning a trip to the Valley of the Sun (note that the fabulous resorts in AZ are so much cheaper in the summer!). I now plan on checking out the other Eat, Shop guides for cities like Boston, Paris, and Seattle.

A Few Imports From Germany

My mom recently came back from Germany and I requested that she bring me back a few things that I can't get or can't seem to find in the States. First off is an extremely powerful sunscreen from French Company La Roche-Posay. It is their Anthelios 50+ Fluide Extreme with Mexoryl XL. La Roche Posay is now sold in the US but they don't sell this particular product - who knows why? I think this is the best protection against UVA & UVB rays on the market. In fact, Allure magazine just did an article in which some of the best dermatologists in the country said they use this product. That must mean it's good right? In Germany it is 17 euros but I have seen it being sold on Ebay for $60. Yikes!

Second, I had my mom bring back several kinds of Labello lip balm. I don't know what it is about this particular brand but I am crazy for it - especially the strawberrry and honey and milk flavored ones. You can get them anywhere in Germany and they are super cheap.

Finally, I always request Milka chocolate bars - but not just the plain old Milka bars which are very good (and can be found at Cost Plus). I stock up on the Choco & Rice flavor, which is absolutely addictive and delicious. I think I ate 2 whole candy bars in the span of like an hour. They are that good!

So those are a few things I had smuggled into the country that I enjoy. Are there things that you love that you can only find in another country?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crack in a Candle

You know that irresistible smell of warm freshly baked cookies? I have been to so many open houses where the realtor puts cookies in the oven to make the house smell good. It is supposed to make prospective buyers feel an emotional connection to the home or something like that. Anyways, if you love the cookie smell but don't want to bake or tempt yourself with the calories, may I suggest the Illume Boulangerie Tin candle in Vanilla Icing. I typically don't like really sweet scents but I swear this candle is like crack. If you head into your nearest Anthropologie store, you will see what I mean.

A Place To Rest My Jewels

Due to my ever expanding jewelry collection, I am going to need a place to store all of my lovely new pieces. I think I have found the perfect solution with this Imperial Lacquer Box from Z Gallerie. You might want to check out Z Gallerie the next time you are at the mall too. I just stopped in today and they had a ton of stuff I was drooling over but ultimately resisted buying.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

The lovely Erin of one of my favorite blogs Elements of Style has tagged me! Apparently this means that I have to list 6 things that are weird or unusual about me and then tag 3 more people. It was hard to narrow down the list because I have A LOT of weird things about me, but the following is what I settled on:

1. I have a subscription to 25 magazines, and I still want more! It is a sickness really.

2. I love weddings so much that I have seriously, seriously considered becoming a wedding planner.

3. I was featured in tabloid magazine UsWeekly once.

4. I don't like any kind of gourmet cheese. I like pizza, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, etc., but put a plate of fancy cheeses in front of me and I will likely gag. Does this make me Un-American?

5. I have moved 14 times in 25 years. I guess you could say I have become an expert packer.

6. Oh, and I am licensed to practice law in the state of California. No seriously! But don't hold it against me...

I now tag M.A. Belle, Girl Meets Glamour, and Visual Yummy. Apologies to you if you have already been tagged!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pretty New Things

If the world were coming to an end and I had the ability to save only 3 stores, I would choose to save Target, Nordstrom, and Banana Republic. At Target I could get my food, toiletries, magazines, and so on. At Nordstrom I could get clothes, purses, shoes, and makeup. Nordstrom also has a coffee bar that I enjoy. And at Banana I could get clothes and fabulous costume jewelry. Check out some of the cute new earrings Banana has on itswebsite.

Cabachon Round Drop Earring.

Multi-hued Chandelier Earring.

Rose Quartz Earring. 

Window Earring. 

Also, I am a strong believer in sun protection. I love looking tan but skin cancer scares the crap out of me. A smart way to save your precious face from harmful rays (in addition to sunscreen) is a fabulous hat. I happen to love this wide-brimmed straw hat from Banana. It is the perfect hat to wear to the beach or out on a picnic.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Niba Home

I have never been to Miami but hope to go one day soon. When I do make my way to South Florida, you can be sure that I am going to stop in the store Niba Home. Niba Home is run by Nisi Berryman, who was once the Miami City Editor for Metropolitan Home Magazine. Niba sells everything from high end furniture to decorative plates and fun pillows and throws. You can check out more amazing photos of this store at Niba Home'swebsite.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Ebay Love

Check out this stunning pair of turquoise lacquered cabinets. I love them but sadly can't afford the $1499 price tag. If you want to place a bid you can check out the auction here.

Why I Love Ebay

I have been stalking this mirror for months now hoping it will go on sale in one of those crazy one time only 50% off sales. By some stroke of pure luck I randomly happened to type in starburst mirror on Ebay and I saw this exact mirror listed. At first I thought it was some sort of mirage or crazy trick my mind was playing on me. I placed a bid (at a ridiculously low price) and somehow I WON! I thought this was all too good to be true and I half expected that the mirror would arrive in pieces and look nothing like the actual mirror I wanted, but I received the mirror a few days ago and it is everything I wanted and more! I love you Ebay!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kara Mann Design

I recently stumbled upon Chicago based interior designer Kara Mann and I am obsessed. I believe she was part of Domino's Top 10 Decorators last year but for some reason I just found out about her. The amazing photos above are from a Lake Shore Drive Penthouse that KMD designed. Isn't it stunning? You can check out some of her other amazing projects here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Amazing Artist - Kenton Nelson

One of my favorite contemporary artists is the incredible Kenton Nelson from Pasadena, California. I was first exposed to his work when I saw the above painting titled "Swim Party" featured in one of my favorite films Something's Gotta Give. I fell in love with the painting and through some clever googling I discovered this amazing artist. On a recent visit to the Pasadena Museum of California Art I purchased Kenton Nelson's bookRhyme and Reason, Prose and Cons, which includes an amazing selection of his best work. I highly recommend it! To check out more of Kenton Nelson's work, you can check out his website here.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Genius Idea!

Do you all remember when I covered Jenn Feldman's home back in November? Her fabulous house was featured on Oprah and in O Magazine and I fell in love with it. Well, apparently Jenn is not only an ace at decorating but a genius entrepreneur as well. I recently received an email from Jenn telling me about her new blanket called the nuddle blanket (nap + cuddle = nuddle). Cute right?

You know when you are lying on the couch with a blanket and you want to be totally covered up in it to keep warm and cozy but each time you reach to get something (say a glass of wine) you have to push the blanket down, sacrificing all of your previous coziness. It appears that Jenn Feldman, along with her husband, has solved this annoying problem. The nuddle blanket has open slats for your arms, which allows you to read a book, type on your computer, or drink a glass of wine - all while staying totally warm and cozy. The blanket also comes with an outer hand pocket to keep your hands warm and a foot pocket to keep your feet warm. It is basically the perfect blanket! Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? To learn more about the nuddle blanket, you can check out Jenn's site here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chic & Fabulous Table Lamp

Blogger Alkemie recently posted pictures of her amazing home and needless to say I fell in love. I particularly fell for the fabulous lamps featured in her living room. Alkemie kindly informed me that she got them from the always reliable Ballard Designs. The Parke Crystal Table Lamp is $375 and you can choose between 3 different color lamp shades. I happen to love the white shade the best because I think it provides a nice contrast with the shiny black base. Isn't it fabulous?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fake Perfect Looking Skin

I know this is not a beauty blog but I just wanted to share my secret to fake perfect looking skin. I have often been accused of having nice skin, which I assure you is not the case. My magnifying makeup mirror that shows my skin up close does not lie people [thanks a lot Amanda ;)]. There are no secret potions I use to fake good looking skin because I am way too ADD with skin care products. You name it and I have tried it. I just can't seem to commit to one beauty line, which means that my bathroom resembles a pharmacy of sorts. The secret I have found that works for me is CAMOUFLAGE! I fake it with makeup and these are the products I use to make my skin look healthy.

1. First, I start with a moisturizer (any will do but I happen to like Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer). Then I put a little bit of Strobe Cream from MAC all over. It basically makes your skin shine (but not in a bad way).

2. Next, I use a little or a lot (depending on how much coverage I need) of Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer. It is a really light formula but it still seems to cover a multitude of sins.

3. If I look especially tired or have a glaring pimple, I will occasionally whip out YSL's famed Touche Eclat. I am usually too lazy to do this step, but when I do I definitely notice a difference in my skin.

4. Finally, for the pièce de résistance, I dust a little MAC Mineralize Skinfinish all over and Voila! If I follow this routine, most days I can fake luminous skin.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

John Robshaw Rugs

I have already discussed my love of all things John Robshaw. Now I've just learned that the talented designer has expanded his collection to include rugs. The prices range from $315 to $1640. I think he may be giving Madeline Weinrib a run for her money! You can check out John Robshaw's Spring 08 Collection here.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lipstick Jungle Jewelry

I am totally sad that there are no new episodes of Lipstick Jungle. The fashion on that show was to die for!!! In particular, I always thought that the jewelry that each character wore was AMAZING. One of my favorite pair of earrings worn on the show are these Turquoise Chandelier Earrings by Siman Tu. They are $300 and you can buy them at Vivre.

Speaking of earrings, I am obsessed with these oversize pearl and pave earrings seen on Lindsay Price. I have searched everywhere for them but had no luck.

The closet thing I found were these ones below from Betsey Johnson but they look cheap in real life, plus they don't have pave diamonds (real or faux). Anyone have any idea where to find the earrings from the show?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

At Home With Nordstrom

Have you visited Nordstrom lately? If you are like me, the answer is yes. However, I bet that a lot of you don't take the time to visit Nordstrom's very small home accessories department. I don't blame you either. The department is typically hidden on the 3rd floor and is often so small that it is barely noticeable. Ordinarily I would say to skip the home accessories department and go straight for the shoes but lately Nordstrom has been stepping up their game. The last time I visited, I spotted ornate black and white chinese garden stools along with a very chic black and chrome bar cart (similar to the one below from Plantation LA).

Unfortunately, Nordstrom doesn't seem to carry a lot of the fabulous items I saw in the store online, but I have included a few other items that I think are perfectly lovely.

Peacock Pillow Sham

Chrysanthemum Plaque

Metallic Shell Set

Next time you happen to be at Nordstrom, it might be worth it to take a quick peek into the home accessories department.