Friday, March 21, 2008

Ulf Moritz Wallpaper

I recently went to get a pedicure at a very chic new place near my home. The place had chandeliers, Louis Ghost chairs, and a huge flat screen TV that played old movies. It was fabulous! I could not help but stare at the walls because I was obsessed with the wallpaper. I spoke with the owner, who happens to also be an interior designer, and she told me that the wallpaper was "Scala Divina" by Ulf Moritz. The picture above does not give this beautiful wallpaper any justice. In real life it has a sheer iridescent quality that is truly irresistible. I can't seem to find any U.S. outlets that sell this particular design but several British companies have it in stock. To order a sample from across the pond you can check it out here.

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