Thursday, January 17, 2008


White Sands #4 by Julia Christe. 

Thanks to Decorno, I found the blog Silk Felt Soil, and on Silk Felt Soil I found beautiful photos from Julia Christe, which then led me to the incredible website Lumas. How could I have not known about Lumas?

Lumas is a gallery in NYC that offers an AMAZING collection of original art and photography on their website. I seriously spent 2 hours browsing their online collection. Although the prices of most of the limited edition prints are nowhere near the $20 you'll find on 20x200, I found that much of the artwork was very affordable. Below are some of my favorite prints. You need to go to this website NOW!

Long Drive by Jacques Olivar.

#8/2 by Wojtek Wieteska.

Alfaralfa by Gero Gries.

Umbrellas by Joerg Maxzin.

Untitled Urbanscape 9 by Mauren Brodbeck.

Yokohama by Frederic Lebain.

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