Monday, January 28, 2008

Some of My Favorite Dresses From Last Night!

I have been desperate for a little glam lately. I fully support and understand the writer's strike, but I want the whole thing to end already so I can watch the red carpet and shamelessly judge and make fun of all the celebrities. Some of my observations from the rather dull SAG Awards last night:

First of all, unless Angelina Jolie's breasts just suddenly grew by themselves overnight, Angie is for sure preggers! I actually like Angelina's vintage Hermes dress but I think it would have looked better had it not been so loose fitting.

Secondly, my favorite dress of the evening was Kate Hudson's bohemian inspired gown. She just always gets it right in my opinion. She epitomizes hippie chic!

I also really liked this charcoal grey Monique Lhuillier dress on America Ferrera.

Grey seemed to be somewhat of a theme on the red carpet and I was loving this pale gray Nina Ricci gown on French actress Marion Cotillard.

And then there was this..... Ummmm... what the hell was she thinking!!!! Seriously!

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