Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kirsten Hollister & O at Home

Oprah had a contest with Nate Berkus in which they picked the best designed homes from readers that had no design help from professionals. I thought this was such a brilliant idea and I love the homes of the people that won. Kirsten Hollister was one of the winners and some pictures of her home are below.

My favorite idea, and one that I cannot believe I didn't think of sooner, was to take a vintage mirror, break out the mirror, and create a message board with chalkboard paint. Isn't that idea beyond genius!!

(Photos by Björn Wallander)

I also love the mix of traditional and modern in Kirsten's dining room. I would never have thought of putting those fabulous modern Kartell lamps in a formal dining room. I also love the idea of not having traditional dining chairs and using benches instead because it creates more space for people to sit and also provides extra storage- something we all need I'm sure.

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