Thursday, November 29, 2007

Travel In Style

Do you have a friend that loves to travel? This is the perfect gift for them! I am always looking for latest and greatest travel guides and I absolutely love these travel guides from LUXE. These guides list all the hippest shops, restaurants and hotels. What is great about these guides is that they are very sleek and small enough that they could fit in your pocket. Plus they are so stylish that no one will even know that you are a tourist. This LUXE World Grand Tour Box comes with 12 LUXE City Guides to cities like New York, Paris, and Bangkok. The whole set is $99 and you can get it online at Luxe.

If you travel a lot, you know that a good suitcase is necessary. While it would be great to own a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage, chances are that the cost is out of most people’s price ranges (including mine!). If you are sick and tired of your boring black Samsonite luggage, then I think a chic and stylish suitcase that won’t break the bank is the 26” Wheeled Packing Case from T. Anthony. The bag comes in several colors but I prefer the black canvas with the white trim. You can even have it monogrammed! What is not to love??

Comfort during long fights is essential. I love this travel pillow and eye mask set from Armand Diradourian. The travel pillow is filled with duck feathers and down and looks super soft. The travel set is available in either pink or blue and you can find it at Neiman Marcus online.

Have you ever been on a flight across the Atlantic and suddenly your Ipod loses all battery power? Trust me, it is not a pretty sight. You can avoid this type of tragedy with the Solio Hybrid Charger. The hybrid charger can charge all of your electronic gadgets and the coolest part is that it absorbs its power from the sun. If you leave your charger in the sun for an hour, you will have enough battery power for your Ipod for an hour. How cool is that! You can pick one up at Flight 001. Flight 001 is a groovy site that has everything you could ever possibly need to travel and then some. You should definitely check it out!

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