Friday, December 14, 2007

12 Things I Can't Live Without During the Holidays

Since there are 12 days until Christmas (Can you believe it??), I thought I would list 12 things I can't live without - at least during the holidays. It was actually really hard to narrow the list down. I could easily create 20 more lists like this. Obviously the list doesn't include things like friends, family, a home..... the actual real things I can't live without. These are just some totally frivolous and fun things I love.

I have a full blown obsession with magazines. I sometimes even buy magazines at the newsstand if I haven't received my subscription yet. Sick, I know :) I love reading magazines during the holidays because they are always full of amazing gift ideas and great party tips.

I think if I added up all the money I spend at Starbucks in a year I would be shocked. I'm sure I could probably make my own lattes at home but how am I supposed to resist the holiday drinks in the cute red cup?

I love candles. I always, always have one burning. My latest favorite candle is from Anthroplogie and it is called Capri Blue No. 6. The smell is seriously divine! It makes your whole house smell good!!!

When it is freezing outside, nothing is better than snuggling up on your sofa with a cashmere blanket. I love the cashmere blankets that Williams Sonoma Home carries. You can even get them monogrammed!

I am a firm believer in having fresh flowers in your home as often as you can. I especially love the flowers fromLily Lodge in Los Angeles.

I probably have about 10 lip glosses in my purse at this very moment and 20 more stashed in my bathroom. For some reason I always reach for Lancome's Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss in Spring Fling. I love the color- very subtle pink, the fruity taste is great, and it lasts. What more could you ask for in a lip gloss?

I seriously can't remember my life before Tivo. I pretty much think it is the best invention EVER! I don't think I have watched a commercial in a year! Hallelujah!!!

I am a sucker for Christmas movies- especially around the holidays. The cheesier and sappier the movie, the better. I think I have watched the movie Home Alone 500 times. I never get sick of it!

My skin gets really dry in the winter and so I am constantly applying lotion. I am a big Kiehls fan and I am obsessed with their Coriander lotion. The scent is very light and refreshing and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple.

I am generally not a big fast food fan but there is something about In n Out Burger that keeps me coming back. If you haven't had the pleasure of going to this burger joint on the West Coast you are missing out!!

The hands down best nail polish color in the world is made by Essie and it is called Mademoiselle. I am not the only one that thinks so either. It has been ranked as a beauty must have for years! The subtle pale pink color is classic and goes with any outfit.

I wear my Tory Burch Reva Ballerina flats more than any other pair of shoes I own. They are especially great for long days of shopping and fighting crowds at the mall. You can pick up a pair of your very own at Nordstrom.

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