Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jenn Feldman Home

I already posted pictures of Kirsten Hollister's home below from the Oprah contest. Another winner was Jenn Feldman and I think I love her home even more. What is amazing is that Jenn decorated her entire place in 30 days! I KNOW I couldn't do that. I also love the fact that she lives in Beverly Hills but her home doesn't feel pretentious at all.

I love this photo because I love, love, love hydrangeas - especially purple ones and I think this large white vase displays them so beautifully.

My favorite room in Jenn's home was her blue room. I loved the ikat style blue and white fabric she used in alternating colors in the pillows.

Jenn did a really good job making use of an unusual space - here it was underneath her staircase. I like how the pictures descend in size and I think it just looks so chic and well put together.

I also love the colors that Jenn used in her bedroom. A great idea she had was to take an inexpensive blanket she bought at JCPenney and monogram it. Like she said, "Monogramming can make anything look expensive." I agree!

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